When selecting what to order, we are happy to answer as many questions as necessary! If we don't answer straight away, you can give us a gentle reminder - we are probably just a little busy but it's never an indication that we don't want to answer.

We ask that you allow 2 weeks from the date of your payment for your order to receive your items.  We can always try rush items - feel free to ask us!  

Orders ship directly from our warehouse which is located overseas in China.   The items take a couple days to be compiled as per your order and then they are sent to Shanghai to be dispatched via UPS.  The process is Order Compilation --> Item Inspection (each item is thoroughly inspected piece by piece) --> Order Packaging --> Dispatch Domestically --> Dispatch Internationally.  Occasionally Customs holds packages but it is usually random, rare, and only causes 1 or 2 days to delay.

On your very first order, your payment for your Merchandise will be due before your first order is placed on our end.  All Shipping Fees will be assessed in the first week of each month for the prior month, and due within 7 days of invoice.  Once First Order and Shipping fees are paid on time, the Retailer will have the option to establish 30 Day Terms whereby 50% of your order is Due Upon Receipt, and the remaining 50% will be due 30 days from Order Submission and Invoice.  To participate in the 30 day Term program, A credit card Authorization Form will be completed by the Retailer.  A payment will never be deducted without receiving prior written consent from Retailer.  For every day past the 30 Day Terms that payment is not made, an Interest Charge of .8% of the Amount Due will be assessed for every day that the Payment is Past Due.

When a Retailer places order/s in excess of $2000 in a Calendar Month,, they will be able to get $100 off an Order in the next Calendar Month.  For example, If a Retailer made an Order October 1st in the amount of $1200 and October 15th for $1200, as long as invoices are paid by the 30th of October and 14th of November, they will receive a $100 credit on their next order.   This incentive will be strictly issued under the condition that Orders are paid on time by the 30th day.

We use a Shipping Method that is a Heavily Discounted rate as outlined in our contract.  Retailers are responsible for all shipping fees and Shipping rates are factored into the recommended Pricing of each item.

The Bigger Your Package, The Better Your Shipping Rate!  

Our boxes are measured by Volume and are priced as follows:
Under 25kg,  $22 First Kilo, $9.00 Every Extra Kilo
Over 25kg no fee for First Kilo and $8 for Every Kilo

Once shipped we try our best to get you the Tracking Info  ASAP - but feel free to contact us if you haven't received your tracking!

Although the items are thoroughly inspected, some may get altered in transit or something may be overlooked.  Please inspect each item as we are happy to replace any goods that are not 100% only up to 2 weeks after receipt of items.

We usually ask for a picture so that we can forward to our manufacturer to replace at no cost.

We try to stick within a standard 2.5 guideline and add on $2-$3 for shipping costs.  For Example: A $10 Item will be 10 x 2.5 = $25 + $2 Cost of Shipping the item therefore it should be approx $27.   

There are exceptions to this formula.  Sometimes the Markup is 3 times the cost of the product.  Also MM Basics are priced lower than the 2.5 formula.  Finally, since we try to stay under a $50 Pricepoint for all our items, some items will not fit into the formula.

You do not need to match our pricing!  We have outlined for our customers clearly that we are two independent companies (Online and Stores).  When people buy in person they do not need to pay our $6 Shipping Fee and will not need to wait up to 10 days to receive an item.  You can read about it at the bottom of our FAQ page at this link under the section of IN PERSON PURCHASES:

We always ask that our Pricing is not disclosed to any other colleagues or customers!

You never have to ask us to republish our pics!  We are more than happy for you to use all our pics and we are more than happy to repost anything on any of our social media outlets!  Let us know if you need an additional shout out or specific pictures of items!

Need something that we don't have on our linesheet?  We are happy to help you source Clothing or Accessories that you want for your store but cannot find from any of your wholesalers.  Just ask and we are always more than happy to help out!


Our Wholesale Prices Cannot Be Published or Publicized.  

Minimum Purchase amount is $750