How The Everything Dress Got Its Name

How The Everything Dress Got Its Name

For many years I had this one dress that I dubbed my "airplane dress".  We all have a go to flying fit, and mine was this one dress I recycled over and over.  I had purchased it on a trip to China and had never found anything that equaled this dress in terms of practicality and comfort.

But it was missing pockets.  And it wasn't perfect, the neckline was way too open, even for my standards, and sleeves were a little too fitted.  

Nonetheless I wore this airplane dress every single time I flew, until one day I realized I could try replicate this dress and perfect its missing parts.

So I said a little prayer and sent this dress off to my office in China, wondering if I'd ever see my airplane dress again.  

That was about 3 years ago.  Since that time sample after sample has been sent my way, but none has been able to come anywhere close to my beloved airplane dress.  The dress has safely landed back in my house, and every so often I have revived the "make airplane dress perfect" project again.  

But it's never worked out.

In fact, as the airplane dress has aged, so too has my taste in flying attire.  Two piece outfits have become easier.  With hoodies and my sway with leggings making the now "airplane dress" obsolete.

But early in 2022 I decided it was time to take one last crack at the "airplane dress".  Fix that neckline, loosen those sleeves, upgrade that fabric, and add two pockets for the last last time.

I said a little prayer again, handed the project over to someone new, and well, this time it worked out.  The dress was PERFECT.  It was exactly what I had been dreaming all along, it had the pockets, the texture, the neckline, the non cling, it was EVERYTHING I had hoped for and more.  

And so, it was put into production, and as the product was added into the website, I realized the "airplane dress" had renamed itself, because it could be worn for anywhere and anything, and because of what I loved about it: Everything.

And so it was called, The Everything Dress

And Everything it is.




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