I knew we needed to go thru a rebrand here at Mia Mod. 

We've outgrown our Fonts, we've expanded our categories, and we have opened brick and mortars.  So the time had come. 

I want to share with you a little bit of the process.

As the team explored how the future will look, I took time to meditate on WHY Mia Mod came about and how that manifests itself in a branding update.

This is what I've come up with.

In one word; Kindness.  To me, Kindness is a deeper form of "niceness" and  takes it shape in many forms.  

My goal is to always endeavor to lead with kindness, and make sure it filters into every part of the business.  This is how:

Kindness in Inclusivity.  Trying as best to create size ranges, lengths, silhouettes, and colors of our items to be as inclusive as possible.

Kindness in Price Point.  Trying as much as we can to keep pricing down despite the ever evolving & challenging financial climate of the world.  Mia Mod to me has never been about making the owner rich.  Rather it has always been about catering to everyone with as affordable pricing as possible.

Kindness in Service.  Trying to train our employees both in the e-comm sector, and physical brick and mortars to give personal attention to every individual.  Family friendly stores are of our utmost importance.  Understanding customers requests, and taking feedback constructively to provide the best service possible (within healthy boundaries :) ).

Kindness in Management.  Trying as best as I can to involve myself in every single department as much as possible. In our company we all know that no job is too small and beneath us - we all work as a team. I try to be a part of all aspects  from wholesale, to design, to serving in stores, to tidying and cleaning,  and especially to running the Instagram.  With all changes, I still want to try as best as I can to answer every DM and get to know all MM Customers and potential customers.   No business can exist without customers, and in our partnership I will always try to turn to Customer Instagram polls to help decide what's coming next.

Kindness in Actions, Interactions, and Reactions.  

Yet all the while, keeping it all fun and cheerful around here.

So when you look at our new Site and Logo, we hope you fall in love. There'll be hints of MM's voice and wit around the site.  From our colors, to the fun names of our collections.  

We invite you to come on this new journey with us. We invite you to drop us comments, feedback, requests, and even constructive criticism.  

That is, as long as you do it all, with kindness!

Happy New Year everyone!

Love you and appreciate you!

Love Leah




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