Okay, it's no secret I travel A LOT.  Sometimes when I travel I'm on a plane longer than I'm on the ground, TRUE STORY.

I've compiled my guide to what I cannot travel without for the frequent (non checking baggage in type) traveler.

Some are typical, some may surprise you:

Let's go:

Beis Bag - i use this one - it's the bigger size, so it may get really heavy - my advice don't take advantage of the extra room unless you're filling it with a scarf or something light as such.  It can get really heavy really quick.  Also, trade in the shoe dept for a toiletry bag section, it's worth it!

Toiletry Bag - that opens that you can hang in a hotel bathroom - and that is easy to wash for accidental spills (that happen way to often). This is the one I have because it's SO lightweight and roomy. It fits shavers, 3oz toothpaste with brush, and all my extra make up. (i always buy double make up so i can leave a spare in my toiletry bag - really easy to pack that way).

Roller Suitcase - easy to buy these but they do ge the &*^% beaten out of them when you travel (rolling around the airport and being put in overhead compartments).  I recommend investing and getting something super easy to roll - like this one that I have.

Shoes - my go to travel shoes are these UGGS in the warmer months and these THOUSAND FELL always stay white slip ons for other season!

Charger and a spare Charger - always trust amazon for that

Mini Theragun - I find when I travel my blood flow slows down and it fatigues the heck outta me!  SO I found an amazing solution to get my blood flowing - it kinda is embarrassing when it decides to buzz off out of nowhere in my suitcase but other than that, it's one of my favorite items ever!

The only 2 things I CONSISTENTLY travel in are:


AND  of course, my Statement Collection Sweatshirts!


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